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Acting as a consultant, armed with years of experience as an entrepreneur who has started and grown numerous businesses, AL Harlow will create for you and your business, practice or organization, a master plan that will drive growth and reach your determined goals. A lot of benefits will come out of going through and developing this Best Year Yet Master Plan with AL. You will have a concrete and actionable master plan you can refer back to throughout your fiscal year. Watch the video below for an overview of why this is important.


Goals with Action Plans

As a follow-up after developing your Best Year Yet Master Plan, AL can then help you take the actions determined to be necessary in order for you to then achieve your goals. For instance, let’s say you’re a lawyer, and one goal you decide is to find new clients. During your sessions with AL, one of your action items may be to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. Putting the plan into action could be simply determining better advertising avenues to use. This is one area Click IT can help most definitely, with our Google-My-Business listing service and SEO traffic boosters. Or maybe you’re a job shop, that is considering using a cold-calling service to find prospects. AL will be able to direct where to find proven-to-work call scripts with “door-openers” to help your cold callers improve the rate of gaining new customers.


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Over the many prior years, and more recently while using Click IT products and services, many business owners have received advice along-the-way from AL Harlow (Founder and President of Click IT) that then helped them excel in their success. There are countless success stories of people using AL’s entrepreneurial strategies and advice to their benefit and many have attributed their success to his help. This has been a very rewarding experience. See

 width=In 2020, AL became?a Certified ?Best Year Yet? Master Plan Expert.? Now for a set fee, he will create for your business a master plan to drive massive growth. There are two sessions. The first Best Year Yet Master Plan Session about an hour to walk through about 50 questions. This will be a ?deep dive? into your business, organization or practice. AL will ask questions concerning the products, solutions and services, the price points, how you currently get your customers or clients, and then where you would like to be the next 12 months.?

Once this session is complete, AL will then work on preparing a PDF report which will give the business owner an action plan determined by the concrete and measurable goals discussed.

Best Year Yet Master Plan Report

The second session is to review this report and discuss the plan. The more complete one is with their answers during the first session, the better AL will be able to formulate a game plan that will help one achieve rapid growth for their business or practice.

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