Basic Email

$6.95 / month and a $24.95 sign-up fee

  • Fully Managed. You don’t need to buy and maintain servers, there are no licenses to purchase and track.
  • Low Monthly Fees. A small monthly fee per user – and no capital investment
  • Email that works with third-party e-mail clients such as Outlook®, or Thunderbird®
  • Access mail on your iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry® device
  • Access to your e-mail through a browser on any connected computer


Our Basic email service is managed and maintained by people you know and trust. All our email hosting and delivery services offer: 1) Easy Migrations, 2) Works with Outlook & Mobile, 3) Premium Spam & Virus, 4) Email Authentication Set-up & Monitoring Available, 5) Huge 25GB Mailboxes, 5) Unlimited Email Aliases, 6) Secure Webmail.


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