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Click IT has been building websites since 2012. In 2015, we started to implement our best-in-class practices to standardize how we build websites using WordPress. During the past several years, the trend by software developers has moved from making their offerings free to being paid with annual commitments. Many times these paid upgrades are necessary to give the website the full functionality needed to be useful to both the users and administrators.

Therefore, when we build a website for our customers now, we must require an incorporated set of plugins (in addition to the standard platform additions in the software we typically use) which are billed annually and are additional to the cost of building the website initially.

There will be a special accounting page created ( which outlines these costs, that will be billed annually.

To make the incorporation of plugins and add-ons easier, we have developed what we call Kits and Packages, which are bundles of the software we typically use for our clients when building their websites. From the choices below, you can pick one Plugin Kit, and if you want a company store, one Online Store Package. Speak with your Click IT salesperson for more information or to customize your plugin kit and software package. Examples can be found at
Click IT Website Design.

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